The 2022 Annual Shriners Winter Sportsman’s Raffle is back and will be held on Saturday, January 29th at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.

    A special offer for tickets is available now if you buy online at www.shrineoutdoors.com or visit the Shrine office in person only. Purchase a full book of 3 Main tickets with Seller’s ticket and receive a 4th Main Raffle ticket absolutely free of charge! This special offer will expire at noon on Friday, November 12, 2021. Previous ticket purchases excluded.

    It’s been a difficult year for everyone. There have been shortages of everything from cars to food to employees. The firearm industry is no different. Shortages of firearms and ammunition have been prevalent across the country and Bass Pro Shops has had a hard time staffing their counters with qualified sales staff. As a result, the fill rate of winner’s certificates was at an all-time low and customer service at Bass Pro Shops was less than desirable for our last raffle.

    To help alleviate the problem, the prizes were ordered 3 months earlier than usual and the following verbiage will be written on the actual winner’s certificate:

    *If the firearm won is not available at Bass Pro Shops, a firearm of equal or higher (within reason) MSRP may be substituted if approved by the winner. If the winner would like the firearm listed on this certificate and it isn’t in stock, the winner will be referred directly to Roy McBurney, Group Sales Manager and may have an option to wait until the firearm is back in stock.
    *If the winner does not want the firearm won, he/she may take a gift card for the price paid by the Shriners for the firearm.
    *Winner is encouraged to call Bass Pro Shops before going to the store to inquire if the firearm is in stock to avoid an unnecessary trip to the store.

    Thank you for your continued understanding and support. Please call the Shrine office at 248-569-2900 with questions regarding the 2022 Annual Shriners Winter Sportsman’s Raffle.